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            Our Mission


Empowering people to make positive changes to their lives. This is the mission of Healthy Habits Inc. My goal is to educate you on the benefits of nutritious foods and daily exercise and other healthy habits. Knowledge is power and it leads to informed decisions. If you understand why you need to develop certain habits then you are more likely to continue these behaviors once you learn them.


I am very patient and encouraging and I will work with you for as long as it takes for you to develop healthy eating patterns and a daily fitness routine. I want you to succeed. I am passionate about health, nutrition, and exercise and I want to encourage you to make your health and well-being your number one priority. Without your health, your other priorities and goals cannot be attained.


It is not only okay, but it is necessary to set aside "me time" everyday. You cannot take care of your family or other responsiblities if you do not first take care of yourself. Healthy Habits Inc. encourages you to care for your gift of life and in return you will be able to share your gift with others.

Q & A


Q:   Why do I need a Personal Weight Loss Coach?

A:     Two key components to lasting weight loss are knowledge and support. Having a professional there to guide you towards your individual goals makes all the difference in the world.

Q:  Do I have to purchase any additional pills or drinks?

A:  No. Everything you eat you will be able to purchase wherever you  currently do your grocery shopping.

Q:  How much weight can I lose?

A:  Women average about 2 lbs. per week. Men average about 3 lbs. per week.

Q:  How much does the program cost?

A:  Prices are determined by the amount of weight needed to lose. Credit/Debit or auto draft is available. We will work with your pay schedule.

Q:  How often will I see my  Personal Weight Loss Coach?

A:  It is important to see your coach two to three times per week. The frequency  of visits will allow your coach the ability to closely monitor your progress for optimum results.

Q:   What are your office hours?

A:  We understand that work schedules vary. We make it convenient to visit the office before work, on your lunch break, or after work.  No appointment needed.

Welcome to Healthy Habits​!

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